More Than Just A Party

Every year as spring breakers converge on the Emerald Coast looking to take part in the world's largest party scene.  And while there is certainly that, Panama City Beach has so much more to offer, making it a premiere destination for all age groups at all times throughout the year. There is a reason it is called the "Fun Capital of the World."  Activities range from any watersport imaginable, including diving, to amusement parks, miniature golf, big-goy golf, world-class fishing, go-carts, numerous festivals and much, much more!  One particular iconic gem of the Emerald Coast is Goofy Golf, located in Panama City Beach.

In 1959 Lee Koplin had an opportunity to purchase the land across from the county pier. The idea excited him as he knew the gulf view was safe from a large motel being built, which would  block the view of the Emerald Coast. It was here that Koplin put his mastery into play as he built his largest figurines, some with mechanical challenges as well. One of the figurines was a large Tiki head with a spiral staircase where golfers can go up to the top of the head to lookout over the course and across to the gulf. I have to admit it was really funny seeing several pairs of little arms waving out of the nostrils of its nose.

A night of playing the Goofy Golf course with family and friends is a real treat as it has all the feel of nostalgia of years gone by. You won't be able to help but feel like a kid again. The course isn't as complicated as newer courses, which makes it ideal for families with children.  The figurines are handmade and so artistically painted that they alone make the trip worthwhile.

Vacations are always great, but there is something very gratifying when you find a unique place to go with your family that magically takes you back to when you were as young as your kids, surrounded with all the sights and sounds radiating with fresh feelings of yester-years. A visit to Goofy Golf will leave you wondering if there wasn’t a bit of Peter Pan in Lee Koplin since somehow with mere steel, brick and mortar he built more than just miniature golf courses. He was able to capture a little bit of Never-never Land into what one could argue is one of Panama City Beach’s finest miniature golf courses. Hope to see you next round.