This greenish-blue backed fish has silvery sides and prominent sharp teeth. They travel in large schools following after baitfish.  Members of a school tend to be uniform in size as these fish have cannibalistic tendencies.  While they spawn offshore in spring and summer, the young usually travel inshore during these same months and do not join the adults offshore until fall and winter.  Large numbers of Bluefish have been known to migrate to Florida from the northern stocks during the winter months. 


Method of Fishing - Trolling, chumming is helpful

Tackle - 20 lb class boat rod with a 4/0 baitcaster, 20 lb nylon or Dacron line, a trolling weight, a wire terminal leader, and hooks from 4/0 to 6/0.

Bait - Plugs , sand eel type jigs, squid or mackerel-like lures, or bait fish (pogies, mackerel or eels)