Crevalle Jack

The Crevalle Jack has a bluish-green to greenish-gold back and silvery or yellowish belly, soft dorsal and anal fins, no scales on its throat and a prominent black spot on the gill cover.  They are found in both inshore areas and the open sea.  Spawning occurs offshore from March through September.  Typically, schools of these fish will trap schools of baitfish near the surface and feed with fantastic commotion that can be seen far and wide.


Method of Fishing - Trolling, drifing, and spinning

Tackle - Use 30 lb class rod with 4/0 baitcaster reel, 30 lb mono line, a wire or heavy mono leader, and a 6/0 to 8/0 line when trolling or drifting. For spinning, try 15 to 29 lb mono line and 4/0 to 6/0 hook.

Bait - For trolling or drifting, use artificial lures such as plugs and spinners, or natural baits such as squid or cut or whole fish. Fish baits include mullet, pinfish, sardines, and anchoivies. For spinning, use plugs, spinners, or spoons.