Florida Pompano

Common in inshore and nearshore waters, the Florida Pompano especially frequents the waters of sandy beaches, above grassbeds and along oyster banks.  They are found in turbid waters as deep as 130 feet.  The Florida Pompano typically feeds on mollusks and crustaceans, especially sand fleas.  These fish are greenish gray on their backs with shading to silvery sides.  They have a deep, flattened body and a small mouth.  They spawn offshore between March and September.

Method - Surfcasting or by spinning from shore or a boat

Tackle - 12 ' rod for surfcasting and 6 1/2' to 8' medium spinning rod with 6 to 12 lb mono line, a short 20 lb mono leader and 2 to 2/0 hooks for spinning.

Bait - Crabs, clams, and fleas, small bucktails, and jigs.