Greater Amberjack

Typically found in 60 to 240 feet of water, the Greater Amberjack are generally considered an offshore species that haunt the rocky reefs, debris, and wrecks in the gulf.  Though they are sometimes caught nearshore in south Florida.  Juveniles tend to hang around floating objects and may be found in water less than 30 feet deep.  The Greater Amberjack has no scutes, a dark stripe goes from the nose to right in front of the dorsal fin that “lights up” during feeding. It’s soft dorsal base is less than twice the length of the anal fin base.  Greater Amberjacks are the largest of the jacks and are thought to spawn offshore throughout most of the year.  They feed on squid, crustaceans and other fish, and are common up to 40 pounds.

Meathod of Fishing - Bottom Fishing, Wreck Fishing

Tackle - 12 to 20 lb class boat rod with baitcaster reel, 12 to 20 lb mono line, and an 8' single hook leader or two hook bottom rig with hooks from 6 to 2/0.

Bait - Baitfish, Jigs