Lesser Amberjack

The smallest of the jacks, the Lesser Amberjacks feed on squid and other fish.  It is believed that they spawn offshore.  While these fish are typically found swimming along in waters that are deeper than other Seriolas (commonly from 180 to 410 feet deep), they can be found nearshore as well. The adult Lesser Amberjack has olive green or brownish black and silver sides and a dark band that extends upward from the eye.  While the juveniles tend to have wavy or split bars on their sides.  They have proportionately larger eyes than the Greater Amberjack and a deeper body.  

Meathod of Fishing - Bottom Fishing, Wreck Fishing

Tackle - 12 to 20 lb class boat rod with baitcaster reel, 12 to 20 lb mono line, and an 8' single hook leader or two hook bottom rig with hooks from 6 to 2/0.

Bait - Baitfish, Jigs