Red Drum (Redfish)

The Red Drum is generally bronze or reddish with white underside, but can be quite pale all over. It has a prominent ringed spot or several spots at the base of the tail fin; occasionally, though. it can be without the spot. It's silhouette is similar to that of the black drum's and colors can sometimes be confusing in very large fish, but the redfish has no chin barbels and the black drum never has the tail spot.



Method of Fishing - Still Fishing; Drifting; Casting. 

Tackle - All kinds of casting tackle, includ- ing fly, are successfully used on Redfish of all sizes. Surf rods and light-to-medium saltwater outfits are good for beach, bridge, pier and offshore fishing.

Bait -Redfish are ravenous feeders that will take live bait- fish, crabs and shrimp, and also dead or cut baits from the same sources.