Red Snapper

The Red Snapper is colored pinkish red over its entire body and whitish on the underside.  It has a long triangular snout, sharply pointed anal fin and no dark lateral spot.  These guys can live more than 20 years. Juveniles typically occur over sandy or mud bottoms, while the adults are generally offshore.  They feed on crustaceans and other fish. 

Meathod of Fishing - Trolling, Spinning, Bottom Fishing

Tackle - Trolling requires medium spinning rod with reel, 15 to 20 lb mono line a 12" wire or heavy mono leader and a size 2/0 hook. Use a light or medium spinning rod with a baitcaster reel, 15 to 20 lb mono line, a 12" wire or heavy mono leader and a 2/0 treble hook for spin fishing.

Bait - Shrimp and cut fish such as mullet, or artificial lures such as feathers, soft-bodied jigs, and plugs with a flashy, silvery finish.