The state saltwater fish of Florida, the Sailfish is a rapidly growing species that feeds aggressively on squid and other small fish. They are an offshore species associated with waters near the 100 fathom line and the Gulfstream. Sailfish are known for their fast runs, acrobatic jumps and head-shaking attempts to throw a hook. Their iconic dark blue top, spear-like jaw and sail-like first dorsal fin give this amazing creature its trophy look.  However, most anglers release these beloved fish back into the waters.

Method of Fishing - Trolling

Tackle - Use 80 to 130 lb class rod with an 80 to 130 class lever drag or 12/0 or 14/0 star drag. Use 20 to 130 lb nylon or Dacron line with a heavy wire or nylon leader. Use flat-forged 8/0 to 14/0 hook.

Bait - Live or dead fish such as mullet, mackerel, herring, and squid. Use lures such as Kona Heads, feathered jigs, and plastic squids.