Spanish Mackerel

Prevalent throughout Florida waters, Spanish Mackerel are commonly found over grass beds and reefs. Their green colored backs shade to silver on the sides with irregular golden spots, and have a black front dorsal fin.  Spanish Mackerel migrate northward in spring and return to southern waters when the water temperature drops below 70 degrees F.  They are a schooling fish that spawns offshore from spring through summer and feed on squid and small fish.


Method of Fishing - From a drifting boat, or trolling

Tackle - Medium spinning rod with suitable real, or a 12 lb class boat rod with 4/0 baitcaster, 12 lb mono line with wire leader and size 2/0 hook.

Bait - Jigs, spinners, and plugs, or try cut or whole baitfish such as mullet and ballyhoo.