Striped Mullet

Commonly found inshore, Striped Mullet migrate offshore in large schools to spawn.  At about 1 inch in size, juveniles come inshore, moving up tidal creeks.  They frequently leap out of the water and feed on algae, detritus and other tiny marine life.  The Striped Mullet is bluish-gray or green on top and shades to silver on its sides to white bellies.  It has distinct horizontal black barrings, a blunt nose and small mouth.


Method of Fishing - Float fishing, spinning, or freelining

Tackle - 10' to 12' fload rod for float fishing and freelining. With a spinning reel, 5 lb mono line and hooks from 6 to 16. for spinning use a 7' to 10' light spinning rod with spinning reel, 5 lb mono line and size 10 treble hook.

Bait - Small or cut worms, maggots, banana, corn, cut fish, bread, cheese, peas, minced meat, and pasta. Can use spoons and spinners with small or cut sandworm for spinning.